GGEL want to be as helpful as possible to Givons Grove residents during this challenging time and we have therefore taken the decision to temporarily use part of the Company website to host a compilation of the most helpful links and pieces of information that have either been logged on the Givons Grove Community Care(GGCC) WhatsApp chat group or come in our direction from other sources.

The links are organised into logical groups. The first group only is displayed, so please scroll down to see the additional groups and as you click on the titles the details will drop down.

We hope you find these useful and as always, please let us know if there is anything new that you would like to add and please let us know if any information is now out of date.

  • William Dyer Butchers in Ashtead will deliver to the Grove again at the end of this week. Orders must be received by 10am on Wednesday for delivery on Friday. Tasty homemade pies and ready meals in addition to excellent quality meats and eggs. Contact Jane by email or on 07578 669969. They don’t normally deliver but liaise with Jane if you want to participate in future deliveries to Givons Grove. They freeze well. Payment by bank transfer to avoid exchange of money.
  • recommended by Gerard de Maudave. It’s a local business they deliver, and the pizzas were good.
  • recommended by Shirley Boydenand good reviews from Givons Grove residents. The dishes look great and they deliver to your door. Dishes can be frozen.
  • recommended by Nina Eatenton. Carlos restaurant in Fetcham is open for deliveries. Really good Italian food. Order and pay over the phone. Closed Sundays.
  • Link provided by Karen Paine. Email to order. A Redhill based business.
  • recommended by Bob Dawes – friends for 50 years! They will delivery to Givons Grove and have large stocks and great choice
  • Weyfish – fresh seafood delivered to the Grove by owner and one of our residents. Contact Sean by email or tel: 07833 913881
  • Cook hope to open up a limited number of order slots next week prioritising ‘at risk’ groups, those self-isolating and NHS workers
  • Abel & Cole deliver on a Tuesday
  • recommended by Bea. Leatherhead based.  They deliver with gloves and masks and the food has had good reviews from residents.
  • Leatherhead Rotary Club have an excellent list on their website of locally owned and run businesses trading during COVID-19. Click on menu, what we do, COVID local services or cut and paste this link into your browser
  • recommend by Barbara Vernon. This company is mainly a greengrocer doing fruit and veg but they also do some store cupboard basics.  They already deliver to a couple of addresses on the estate.  The website isn’t the best, and you can’t select a delivery date, but the fresh produce arrived when promised and was excellent quality.
  • Tip from Mark Lebbell – Get free access to PressReader ( or app using your library card. PressReader has newspapers and magazines that display like a paper copy on your screen. You need to sign in as a library/group, search for Surrey, select Surrey Libraries Kingston and put in your library card number. You can get a library card number online on the Surrey library website if you don’t have one. There is also other ebook and magazine services via the Surrey library website.
  • Tips to make it safer for people out walking from Nick Holloway
    • On narrow footpaths, if you meet someone coming the other way, it may be difficult to pass at 2 metres distance. If so, note the wind direction and try to pass up wind of them, holding your breath if necessary
    • If you are an off-road cyclist and/or if you have friends who are, please think about how you can maintain the 2-metre rule when you meet pedestrians
  • Tip from Karen Paine and Jo Armstrong – Stage shows, musicals and opera you can watch online now for free.
  • Link from Barbara Vernon. Gav has been a friend for years and is very good.  He is doing live gigs from his Summer House every Tuesday and Saturday at 8pm and does requests.
  • Info from Vince Paine. As of 24th March, asking people to stay away but if you do need your bike repairing, please call in advance on 01306 885007 as we have some protocols in place to minimise interaction. And as per update last week, if you are in self-isolation we are still able to collect and deliver bikes to you.
  • For kids in lockdown
  • Newspaper delivery (from Trevor and also from Nina) Karim Jillani delivers  newspapers onto the estate. He’s been doing this for years and is apparently very reliable. Give him a call on 07715 708733.

In addition to the people on the Givons Grove Community Care (GGCC) chat group – where there is pretty much always someone willing to help with a problem…. Specific offers of help are…

  • Chris Butt has offered to mow the lawn for anyone who’s infirm and unable to mow their own lawn. He says he’s no Monty Donn but can do the basics and his rates are just the odd cup of tea!